MC-MEOER Coil Spring

Meoer Coil

The Sleep Industry introduces the Meoer Coil Miaoxiang Spring, a dynamic continuous coil built-in spring system with a unique cross-weave design that creates a more supportive sleep surface by using a single continuous length of high-performance wire for each row of springs.
The continuous wire design provides greater surface coverage than standard coil shapes. This increases the point of support for the body and ensures that the mattress upholstery stays in place.

– Consistent firmness and support help minimize mutual interference between sleeping partners
– Continuous no-kink system ensures noise-free movement is achieved
– Stress relieved and durability tested to hold its shape and last longer
– Built-in springs sleep approximately 27% cooler than foam – trapezoidal forces for a more stable sleep process

mattress spring

LFK-MEOER Coil Spring

Meoer Coil

Open, non-knotted spring design makes the spring more flexible, soft and silent;
With independent spring characteristics, can better sense the body curve, but also reduce the phase of the magic friction and extend the service life;
Uniform spring diameter and waist diameter provide more stable support;

The edge of the bed net is full, without the feeling of steel wire, more comfortable than the normal non-knotted spring;
Smaller spring diameter greatly improves spring coverage on the surface of the bed net;
Wire characteristics are fully realized, and every part of the bed net surface can fit the body curve;
LFK combines the characteristics of both independent and non-independent springs.