Superspeed Pocket Spring Machine

Modle: LD-PS-EV280/260 Categories ,

1.280 springs per minute, top of the industry
2.With double layer structure, saving space, great help for cost reducing and benefit
3.Higher output ratio per unit floor area

Production capacity LD-PS-EV280
280 springs/min
260 springs/min
Coiling head Single wire servo coiling head
Double wire servo coiling head
Working principle Servo control
Spring shape Standard versions: barrel and cylindrical
Air consumption 0.4m³/min
Air pressure 0.6-0.7 mpa
Power consumption in total LD-PS-EV260 50KW
Power requirements Frequency /50/60 Hz
Cable section/3*35mm²+2*16mm²
Working temperature +5°C ~ +35°C
Weight  Approx. 6000Kg


Working range(mm)
Wire diameter Spring waist diameter Pocket spring height
Option-01 Φ1.6-2.3 Φ48-75 80-250


Non-woven fabric Consumption material data
Fabric density 65-90g/㎡
Fabric width 260-680mm
Inner dia. of fabric roll 75mm
Outer dia. of fabric roll Max.1000mm
Steel wire
Wire diameter 1.6-2.3mm
Inner dia. of wire roll Min.320mm
Outer dia. of wire roll Max.1000mm
Acceptable weight of wire roll Max.1000Kg