Fully-Automatic Mattress Frame Machine


• Fully automatic production of mattress frame has been realized.
• Save about 90% labor with traditional production equipment.
• It saves about 60% of the land area with traditional production equipment
• The product quality is stable and efficient.
• Various product sizes can be preset, and the product sizes can be automatically switched during the production process, and the whole process can be controlled digitally.

Model LD-SF-OM
Voltage 3P+N AC380V
Frequency 50-60HZ
Input current 50A
Cable section 5*6mm2
Air consumption Approx .0.6m3/min
Air pressure 0. 6-0. 7MPa
Working temperature + 5°C- + 45°C
Power consumption in total 20KW
Weight Approx .4000 kg
Production capacity 1400 roots/8 hours
Requirements for tensile strength of steel wire 1600-1800MPa
Wire diameter φ3.9-4.1 mm φ4.2-4.4mm φ4.5-4.7mm


Inner dia.of wire roll Min. 600mm
Outer dia.of wire roll Max.1500mm
Acceptable weight of wire roll <2000kg
Standard Bus length > 5400mm, shortest side length > 800mm