Automatic Spring bed core production line

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•Adjustment of spring:five axis linkage,all adjusted by digital Spring winding speed:the fastest is 120 pcs / min.
•Human machine interface: French 10 Inch Touch screen.
•Trawl mode: the original trawl mode of chain + gear + cam groove is cancelled, and change into the patent design digital.
•Adjustment mode. The trawl distance can be accurately set, and the whole machine has no trawl vibration.
•The nine-station robot arm works with the eight-station spring flip/rotation mechanism for smooth and high speed.
•The fastest production speed is 120 pcs/min.
•The servo system controls the spring spacing, which is convenient and quick to adjust.
•The steel wire rotary table adopts heavy-duty rotary support bearing and direct drive mode, with stable high-speed operation.

Spring Type Bonnell
Production Capacity 120pcs./min. 57600 pcs./8hours
Spring Wire Diameter 1.9mm-2.4mm
Spiral Wire Diameter 1.3mm-1.5mm
Range of spring diameter’s mold □66mm-68mm □69mm-71mm □72mm-74mm □76mm-78mm
□79mm-82mm □83mm-87mm □88mm-92mm
Center Coil Outside Diameter φ 32-55mm
Spring Height 80-1 90mm
4 turns 80-120mm
5 turns 120-1 50mm
6 turns  140-1 9Omm Standard
Standard :5 turns
Working Width 2OOOmm
Working Temperature +5-+45°C
Wire Basket Capacity ≤1000kg
Area of use LxW 6800*4600mm
Weight 7000KG
Power Requirements 3P+N AC380V,
50-60Hz, instantaneous maximum 85A, cable 5*10mm2
Air consumption 0. 6-0. 7MPa
Gas source demand 0.25m3/min
Power Consumption 39KW