Automatic spring bed core production line

Modle: LD-820T Categories ,

1: The machine operates with long stability to ensure high reliability and durability.
2: Advanced operating system, easy to operate, producing well without no complicated training.
3: Servo motors controlled spring spacing is precise and easy to adjust the mattress width.
4: High level of protection, more humanized,ensure production efficiency and stable production quality.

Spring Type Bonnell
Performance Max.:100pcs/min;48000pcs/8hours
Spring Wire Diameter 1.9mm-2.4mm(Choose one size )
Spiral Wire Diameter 1.3mm-1.5mm(Choose one size )
Range of spring diameter’s mold □66mm-68mm 口69mm-71mm  □72mm-74mm□76mm-78mm
□79mm-82mm  □83mm-87mm  □88mm-92mm(need to choose )
Center Coil Outside Diameter 32-55mm(Choose one size )
Spring Height 80-190mm
4 turns 80-120mm
5 turns 120-150mm    (Choose one size )
6 turns 140-190mm
Working Width 2000mm
Working Temperature +5-+45℃
Wire Basket Capacity ≦1000
Area of use LxW
Weight 3900KG
Power Requirements 3P+N AC380V,
50-60Hz, instantaneous maximum 50A, cable 5*10mm²
3P+N AC380V,
50-60HZ,instantaneous maximum 50A,Cable5*10mm²
Air consumption 0.6-0.7MPa
Gas source demand 0.25m3/min
Power Consumption 33 KW