Automatic Spring Bed Core Production Line

Modle: LD-101B Categories ,

Spring adjustment mode:five axis linkage,all digital adjustment of spring winding machine head, spring winding speed:the fastest 100 pieces/minute

CPU: famous brand,highly stable operation

Trawl mode: the original trawl mode of chain+gear+cam groove is cancelled,and change into the patent design digital adjustment mode.The traw distance can be accurately setand the whole machine has no trawl vibration.

Electromagnetic induction spring angle intelligent identification system can monitor the spring quality online. It runs at high speed without mechanical wear and the fastest turning speed is 100 pcs/min.

The servo system controls the spring spacing,which is convenient and quick to adjust.

It adopts heavy load slewing support bearing,direct drive mode,high speed and stable operation

Adopting eight position spring grain turning and overturning conveying system.

spring Type Bonnell
Spring Wire Diameter 1.9mm-2.4mm
(Choose one size)
Spiral Wire Diameter 1.3mm-1.5mm
(Choose one size)
Range of spring diameter’s mold 66mm-68mm69mm-71mm 口72mm-74mm 76mm-78mm
79mm-82mm 83mm-87mm88mm-92mm(need to choose )
center Coil outside Diameter 32-55mm
(Choose one size )
Spring Height 80-190mm
4turns 80-12omm
5turns 120-15omm ( Choose one size )
6 turns  140-19omm
Standard: 5 turns
Working Width 2000mm
Performance 100 springs per minute,calculated based on 18 springs per row
Working remperature +5-+45C
Wire Basket Capacity 100okg
Area of use Lxw
Weight 6000KG
Power Requirements 3P+NAc38ov,
50-60Hz,instantaneous maximum GOA, cable 5*10mm3
Airconsumption 0.6-0.7MPa
Gas source demand 0.25m”/min
Power Consumption 38KW