Automatic Mattress Production Line

Modle: LD-860/860H Categories ,


• Quality products with stable performance
• Advanced system with operation easily and conveniently
• Space between coils adjusted accurately and flexibly by Servo Motor
• High grade protection with hommization design
• Artistic design enriching workshop environment

Spring Type Bonnell
Performance 1OOpcs./min. 48000pcs./8hours
Spring Wire Diameter 1.9mm-2.4mm

( Choose one size)

Spiral Wire Diameter 1.3mm-1.5mm

( Choose one size)

Range of spring diameter’s mold □66mm-68mm □69mm-71mm □79mm-82mm 口83mm – 87mm

□72mm-74mm □76mm-78mm
□88mm-92mm (need to choose)

Center Coil Outside φ 32-55mm
Diameter ( Choose one size)
Spring Height 80-1 90mm
4 turns  80-120mm
5 turns   120-150mm
6 turns  140-19Omm
Standard  5 turns( Choose one size)
Working Width 2OOOmm
Working Temperature +5-+45°C
Wire Basket Capacity ≤ 1000kg
Area of use LxW 5870*5300mm
Weight 5500KG
Power Requirements 3P+N AC380V,  50-60Hz, instantaneous maximum 50A, cable 5*10mm2
Air consumption 0. 6-0. 7MPa
Gas source demand 0.25m3/min
Power Consumption 33 KW