Bonnell Spring Coiling Machine – The Key to High Quality Springs

Bonnell spring coiling machine is an indispensable key equipment in spring manufacturing, which can efficiently manufacture high-quality Bonnell springs. This kind of spring is a kind of spring commonly used in furniture such as mattresses and sofas. It has good shrinkage and elasticity, and high load-bearing capacity. Now, let’s take a look at the Bonnell Spring Winder and its manufacturing process.

A Bonnell Spring Coiler is an automated piece of equipment that rolls pre-prepared steel into a spring of a specific shape. These springs typically exhibit a parabolic shape and are incorporated into box spring mattresses, couches or other seating to provide good support and comfort.

The Bonnell spring coiler works by using a robotic arm to cut the steel to the proper length and width before feeding it into the spring coiling area of the machine. A robotic arm in the coiling area moves as needed to coil the steel into a spring. During the initial winding process, the steel wire is fixed after a series of operations, and the top and bottom of the spring are also reinforced to provide better stability and elasticity. After completion, the spring is automatically sent to the next step for further processing.

Spring coilers play a key role in the manufacture of Bonnell springs. By precisely crimping and securing the steel being received, spring coilers produce springs of exceptional quality and consistency. In a high-intensity production environment, the Bonnell spring coiler will save a lot of time and labor, thereby increasing production efficiency.

To sum up, Bonnell spring coiling machine is the key equipment for manufacturing high-quality Bonnell springs. Through machine intelligence, the manufacturing process of Bonnell springs has become more efficient, precise and consistent, making the manufacturing process easier.