Analysis of the production process and advantages of Bonnell spring machines

With people’s emphasis on sleep quality and the development of the mattress market, Bonnel springs have become one of the most popular types of springs in traditional mattresses. Bonnell spring machine is Bonnell spring production tool. Its efficient and precise production technology and advantages have won Bonnell spring a higher position in the market.

1. Bonnel spring machine production process

Bonnell spring machines use high-quality steel wire as raw material. After twisting, forming, heating and other multiple processes, they finally form high-quality Bonnell springs.

First, the steel wire must be twisted to form a wire spring that meets the requirements. Next, the springs are placed into the mattress frame and shaped in a machine. Steel wires with different shapes at the “snake head” and “snake tail” ends enter the machine from both sides and become springs, which are eventually connected together to form an overall mattress spring system.

In order to make the structure of the Bonnell spring more compact, improve its load-bearing capacity and lifespan, and ensure that it can better adapt to the changes in the user’s body shape and posture, subsequent processes such as heating treatment and tension control are also required.

2. Advantages of Bonnel spring machine

1. High efficiency: Bonnell spring machine can easily produce large quantities of Bonnell springs in a short time. This high-efficiency production line helps manufacturers produce mattresses in large quantities and ensures the quality and elasticity of mattresses.

2. High precision: The imported components of Bonnell spring machines and the collaborative control technology independently developed in China make the diameter, number of turns and materials of each Bonnell spring comply with production standards, improving the quality and comfort of Bonnell springs.

3. Stable process: Bonnell spring machines are developed based on advanced production processes. They are equipped with advanced mechanical arms and control systems, which can ensure the quality and accuracy of each spring, increasing the competitiveness of Bonnell springs in the market.

4. High degree of automation: Bonnell spring machines realize truly intelligent production, automatically adjusting and optimizing through data collection and analysis technology, saving labor costs and time costs.